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VHM Financial, LLC.

Commercial Collection Agency

B2B -Accounts Receivable Management  



We'll conduct a thorough examination of your debtor and their business and advise you on next steps in the collections process. 

Collection Management


Once terms of collection have been reached, we'll transparently collect every dollar that is owed to you quickly and professionally. 

Legal Forwarding


Your last effort to come to a resolution with a debtor may be legal action. We've got you covered from beginning to end at VHM.

Immediate Action + Persistence

We are committed to prompt, proficient recovery of past due receivables through our strategic and thorough approach to B2B collections and accounts receivable management.

Time is not always on your side in B2B collections. 

The longer you wait, the less you will collect. VHM Financial understands how valuable your time is and the importance of swift, efficient action for a successful resolution. 

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Send us some preliminary information and we'll reach out to you as soon as possible to complete your account placement. 

Don't neglect it - let us collect it! 

VHM Financial, LLC.