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Hot Hit Commercial Collections

VHM Financial utilizes an international network of private investigators to conduct in-depth asset and liability investigations on debtor companies. First, the investigator will contact your debtors’ bank officers as well as key vendors and suppliers to get a full financial profile on his business. Secondly, the Secretary of State will be contacted, to verify the corporate status of the debtor as well as all tax-affiliated state offices. When there is a personal guaranty or liability, the investigator will check with the Tax Assessor’s office to search for all real property and assets. When being made aware of our involvement, debtors’ companies are anxious to resolve this problem immediately. Fast-Track results speak for themselves in terms of recovering receivables in the most efficient, cost-effective fashion.

Field Investigators

The strength of our involvement as a third party insures maximum motivation for debtors to resolve their accounts. This true extension, of your in-house effort gives you the results you desire. If phone calling and letter writing could have collected your money, it would have. The facts available in our initial asset and liability investigation normally reveal more information for our clients than most collection services can provide during the full course of their involvement.

Asset & Liability Investigation

Asset & Liability Investigation accomplishes two goals: first, provides financial profiles on debtor companies (strength) and second, it identifies the court worthiness of an account prior to litigation.

Custom Tailored Collection Services

VHM Financial can customize our approach to fit your needs. We have clients that require we begin our collection efforts with an audit approach. This approach is where VHM rehabilitates your debtor back to your credit terms so you can feel comfortable about doing business with them again in the future.

Legal Counsel

VHM Financial maintains legal representation, through highly experienced and bonded counsel, in your debtors’ locale to help assure that your rights as a creditor are upheld. Our counsel will answer any questions regarding legal alternatives. We have the ability to have the account litigated globally through our Legal Network.

U.C.C. Filings & Lien Filings

VHM Financial can assist you in filing under the Uniform Commercial Code. This will provide additional security for your credit sales and allow you to extend credit to customers previously denied. We can also assist you with Mechanics and Material man liens. 

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