Let us take the mound for you!

A collections process can often times feel like trying to strike a batter out. An account has stepped into the 'batters-box of debt' and you are left out on the pitcher's mound with a tired arm and nothing else to throw across the plate. 

Cash flow is your most important asset and VHM Financial is here to retain this essential part of your company’s overall success.

We are a leader in the game of commercial collections, with Houston, TX serving as our home base. We strictly specialize in commercial collections and have built a reputation on prompt, proficient recovery of past due receivables both domestically and internationally. 

Regardless of strategy, we strive to rehabilitate your debtor back to your credit terms so you can be comfortable doing business with them again in the future.  

Let VHM Financial be your go-to when the game is on the line and you have receivables owed to you.